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We make use of the hot extraction method (also known as steam cleaning) to clean your home carpets and rugs. This is especially effective for homes with pets and children or adults with allergies. This method is also the most compatible with the materials that carpets and rugs are made of. The hot water extraction method uses equipment that sprays hot water, mixed with cleaning chemicals, while simultaneously vacuuming the sprayed water along with all the dislodged and dissolved dirt.


Many carpet manufacturers recommend professional hot water extraction as it is the most effective carpet cleaning method to get rid of engrained dirt. We make sure that the suction power of our machinery is in top condition to ensure the fastest drying times for your convenience. Drying times can range anything form 2-12 hours depending on weather, ventilation, amount of dirt and the type of carpet.


We ensure that we prolong the life of your carpets by making sure that our chemical mixture has a neutral PH which prevents faster re-soiling of the carpet fibres.

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