Teknogard Cape Town:

Teknogard Cape Town is a chemical anti-stain and fabric protection treatment which is professionally applied to couches, curtains, headboards, cushions, beds, car interiors, etc to protect these from absorbing accidental spills of wine, foods, oil-based spills as well as grubby hands or paws.

Teknogardplus can be applied to ALL fabrics, including silks, linen, blends, and pretreated fabrics.

FABRIC FRESH is an additive to Teknogardplus and provides added advantages to the product. Fabric Fresh has been scientifically proven to retard the growth of odour causing bacteria, moulds, fungi and mildew. Fabric Fresh prevents the development of harmful dust mites and reduces the spread of germs.

With Teknogardplus treated material, the spill “beads” on the surface, allowing time to blot it up. The magical protection does not allow the spill to be absorbed and to spread through and into the fibres.

Some fabrics may show different beading effects but the protection is guaranteed.

Teknogard Cape Town – About Teknogard:

With its unique formula, Teknogard repels liquids and prevents stains from damaging your carpets. Do you have a problem with pets and kids who track in plenty of mud and dirt? We help make their mark disappear! The product keeps your carpets looking newer, longer, so you don’t have to sweat sudden spills or stubborn stains. Not only is this a great product for carpets, but it has various other purposes – use it on your clothing, couches and almost any other household item.

Why Teknogard Cape Town?

We pride ourselves on being trustworthy, honest and reliable and offering our clients an excellent quality service at an affordable price. Following those fundamentals, everyone wins – from our satisfied clients to our valuable employees. Our friendly staff work from Mondays to Saturdays.

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